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Hi! Welcome to ?? ?Rakujitsu?, the first english fansite for ??? ?Marusa?. ??? is a fairly new band, having only formed last year, but they're very talented and are quickly becoming a big player in the visual kei scene. They've currently got a contract with L?P?Ash Records, along with well known bands like MASK, ??????-???- ?Antic Café?, and JOKER. ??? is a great band, but if you haven't actually heard them yet, you can find some sample songs in the sample music section.

Navigation is to the right of this text, in the drop down menu. Just click on each word to go to it's section. The layout works with everything, and was completely made by me.

?? News & Updates

? 11/04/2005 This will most likely be the sites final update. ??? is disbanding, and as such, there won't be much more for me to add to the site. Unfortunately, as seems to be the case with all fansite owners, I've lost interest in the subject of this site. ??? took a turn towards a new style which I'm just not interested in. So, after I update the discography and fix a broken link on my links page, I will be done with this site. Sorry.
? 07/22/2005 Sorry for the extremely long absence! I've been having loads of trouble domain-wise, and I'm only now able to put the site back up. For now, I'll just be catching up with information, and getting the site up-to-date. That means new entries in the discography, and new images.
? 04/21/2005 Updated the discography with Marusa's latest single, as well as their coupling with Girugamesh (speaking of which, Girugamesh has a new look, and it's awesome!). I've also updated the image gallery, which is finally complete :D Until I add more anymore.
? 04/19/2005 Marusa's new single, as well as their coupling single with Girugamesh have both been released! I've scanned my copy of the single, and put the scans in the newly re-done image gallery! I'm planning a few more things, so check back for more updates.
? 03/26/2005 Site renovation is complete! New layout up, all pages redone, discography fixed and updated, images added to image gallery, and exits page updated. Expect more pages up soon!
? 03/24/2005 Marusa updated their OHP a week or two ago! It's really nice, and in celebration, I've made a new version of the layout. Renovating various things around the site.